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Professional CAD assistance and design services. Fast, guaranteed turnaround. Personalised, expert advice. All manufactured in the UK.


Do you have a project ready for design?

Turn your ideas into a CAD file by working with Design Vertex.
Our highly experienced team will produce high-quality CAD files, optimised and ready for the 3D printing of your prototype and parts.


Let’s get started

Share your project with us and our design team will be in touch to discuss what you need. We’ll produce the highest quality CAD files ready for the next step—all within a guaranteed timeframe.

Working with Design Vertex

Whether you are looking to produce a new prototype or need to replicate an existing part, we can help you with the CAD process. We have experience in all industries but are specialists in the defence sector.

  • Contact our professional design team to discuss what you need.
  • We will work with you to get your design right from start to finish.
  • Choose from our premium or standard service, depending on your timeframe.
  • Your design will be with you when you need it. Guaranteed!

Ready to get started?

If you would like to discuss your project, feel free to contact us.

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