Megatar Guard Foot Protection

An injury to the delicate bones in your feet can be a critical issue for any hockey player and sportsperson, amateur or professional, leaving you sitting on the sidelines when you could be out in the field. Avoid the damaging impact caused by fast-moving hockey balls and sticks with our innovative and unique foot safety kit.

Lightweight and easy to fit, Megatar Guard neatly fits onto any sports shoe and provides a strong and durable mesh guard around the middle of your foot. It doesn’t impede movement, allowing you full mobility when you play.

Specially engineered with TPU, this hard-wearing rubber guard absorbs the shock of any impact, giving you the confidence to head straight for a tackle, knowing your feet are protected from injury.

Used and endorsed by Great Britain Hockey Women and Men’s Teams.

Designed and made in the UK by Design Vertex.

Available in black and white and with sizes for all players.

  • Small – Suitable for children and fit junior shoe sizes 10 to 4
  • Medium – Shoe sizes 4 to 8
  • Large – Shoe sizes 8 upwards



Megatar Guard has received nothing but five-star reviews from both professional and amateur players including the Great Britain Hockey Women and Men’s Teams. Read what they have to say:

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Megatar Guard Foot Protection
Megatar Guard Foot Protection
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